Prevent Heat Stress - Framed Safety Posters

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Prevent Heat Stress. Water, Rest & Shade.

Heat stress is a serious concern both indoors and outside. Workers in hot environments should be reminded to take frequent breaks, drink water before and during their work day, and to rest in a shaded area whenever possible. 

About our posters... 
  • We use Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper to create a finish that is right in between a gloss and matte making it perfectly professional - not too shiny and definitely not dull. 
  • Polyethylene coating adds fingerprint resistance and creates a finished print that is a worthy investment that can stand up to any environment.
  • Archival quality so you can rest assured that both the colors and paper used will not deteriorate and your posters will last for years.
  • With a basis weight of 260 g/m² and thickness of 10 mil (0.25 mm) means these aren't your standard flimsy paper posters, they are strong, thick, and durable photo quality prints.
  • Printed using Epson UltraChrome water-based HDR ink-jet technology; the ink cartridges are returned to Epson for recycling thereby reducing the overall environmental impact.

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