Mishaps - Safety Posters on Canvas

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Product Introduction

This safety poster, set against a calming green background, features a thought-provoking quote from James Russell Lowell, reminding us of the dual nature of mishaps in our daily lives and especially at work.

The Story Behind the Poster

The choice of James Russell Lowell's words is no accident. Lowell, an acclaimed poet, critic, and diplomat, was known for his profound insights into human nature. Drawing a parallel between mishaps and knives, the quote underscores the essence of handling challenges. Just as a knife can be beneficial or harmful based on how it's held, mishaps in the workplace can teach us or harm us, depending on our approach and preparedness.

The Poster's Impact

By displaying this poster in your workspace, it serves as a daily reminder for employees to approach challenges with caution and wisdom, ensuring a safer and more proactive work environment.

Product Attributes

  • Portrait Orientation
  • Hand-Glued Canvas Over Solid Wood Frame
  • Fade-Resistant Canvas
  • Mounting Bracket Included for Hassle-Free Hanging

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