Work Safe, Stay Safe - Framed Safety Posters

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Work Safe, Stay Safe

There's a popular phrase today that goes "if you stay ready, then you don't have to get ready…" and the same goes for safety! If you consider safety in every decision, and work safe in every task, then you will stay safe.

About our framed posters...
  • Alder wood, a semi-hardwood is used in the frame so you get a super lightweight framed poster that is worry free and easy and to install.
  • Fully finished with a black 0.75 inch thick frame that goes perfect in any decor arriving ready to hang on the wall of your choice.
  • Museum-quality paper makes a worthy investment that you can count on to last for years.
  • Enhanced matte paper provides brilliant prints that are bright and prevent glare.
  • Acrylite front protector that is not only strong, durable, and provides amazing clarity, but also half the weight of glass and provides impact resistance.
  • Made from renewable Alder wood forests which are under sustainable management so you can feel good your environmental impact.

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